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Eddie Bonilla

Eddie Bonilla- Executive Pastor


Full Name:  Eduardo Bonilla Jr.

Nick Name:  Eddie

Eddies’ Family:  Jennifer, Noah, and Natalie

Ministry Role:  Worship pastor

Favorite Movie:  Remember the Titans

Dream Vacation:  Costa Rica fishing trip

Favorite Actor/actress:  Tom Hanks

Favorite band/artist: John Mayer

Three must haves if stranded on on island:  Fishing rod, tackle box, and guitar.

Something most people would be shocked to know about you:  I’m a romantic comedy kind of guy…

What year did you start ministry:  1997…led worship for the first time when I was 15 years old.

Who are your Heros:  My Dad, Donald Reed, MLK

Pet peeve:  drivers who don’t use their blinkers!

Favorite tv show:  Sportcenter

If you could spend one day with a famous person today it would be:  JJ Watt

Favorite Bible vs:  psalm 91

Most adventurous thing you have ever done:  I once went on a 2 man plane ride with a college buddy who hadn’t been a pilot very long…

My prayer for our church is: I pray that our church will crave the presence of God and have a passion to worship together in His house.

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