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Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight- Worship Pastor


Full Name:  Jonathan Knight

Nick Name:  J or Jknight

Eddies’ Family:  I am married to an amazing woman, Lindsey.

Ministry Role:  Worship Pastor

Favorite Movie:  Captain America 2: Winter Soldier

Dream Vacation:  Take a year to travel with my wife

Favorite Actor/actress:  Robert Downey Jr./Leonardo DiCaprio/Ryan Reynolds

Favorite band/artist: Thrice/Dustin Kensrue

Three must haves if stranded on on island:  Satellite phone, a solar powered portable DVD player, and the entire series of “Man Vs Wild”.

Something most people would be shocked to know about you:  I enjoy going to plays.

What year did you start ministry: My parents are pastors so I was around ministry all my life. I started full-time ministry in 2012.

Who are your Heros: My dad (Johnny Knight); Jarrod Brooks; and Steve Rogers.

Pet peeve: When I really need to get a hold of someone and I call them more than 6 times with no answer. At number 10, I hate the sound of their voicemail. At number 15, they are dead to me.

Favorite tv show:  The Walking Dead

If you could spend one day with a famous person today it would be: Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Bible vs:  Romans 8:1

Most adventurous thing you have ever done:  Horseback riding up to the Great Divide in Colorado ; Sky diving on my own. I feel like they are equal on different levels.

That we would know God on a personal level and an intellectual level. To have our faith strengthened by learning more about Christ in the Word and in the world around us.

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