Uniting and Igniting, Life Transformation.


Sports – This is where our outreach began, we joined a softball league and the goal was to invite co-workers, strangers, friends, and anyone willing to join the team. Through this team, relationships were built. Relationships that opened doors and opportunities to show God and His love to those around us. This is how the kingdom is built. Relationships.
We have continued with our men’s softball team, we will be playing co-ed softball starting in the fall as well as putting together a basketball and volleyball team. The Exchange Church sees this as a way to reach those that have given up on church. We want to show them that people are the church, not the building.

Missions – Here at the Exchange, we love missions. We give to missions and we go. In January of 2016, we will be taking a group to Haiti and partnering with CoreLuv as we minister to children in orphanages. This is just the start to an amazing journey of reaching those around the world.
This is an area that we are still developing. As we grow and continue to dream, we know that God will show us the opportunities to pursue.