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Titian Fowler

Titian Fowler- “Bridge” Coordinator

Full Name: Titian Dean Fowler

Nick Name: Teach

Titian’s Family: Kristan (wife) Kinley, Bae (daughters)

Ministry Role: Bridge coordinator (connecting people!)

Favorite Movie: Avengers!

Dream Vacation: me and my wife- snowboarding in Colorado, followed by a short flight to Puerto Rico, surfing and Relaxing on the beach for us!

Favorite Actor/actress: Gary Oldman

Favorite band/artist: Bernhoft, Pentatonix, John Mayer

Three must haves if stranded on on island: Hatchet/knife, A/C, my Family

Something most people would be shocked to know about you: Questions like this completely stump me.

What year did you start ministry: 2003

Who are your Heroes: Kristan Fowler, Tony Stark, and Donald Blake

Pet peeve: liars, thieves, and dropping my Oreo in the milk.

Favorite tv show: Walking Dead

If you could spend one day with a famous person today it would be: Adam Sandler

Favorite Bible vs: Micah 6:8

Most adventurous thing you have ever done: skydiving

My prayer for our church is: That God would guide us in wisdom to see people mature in Christ, and connect to His kingdom.

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